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MIGUEL MACIAS-CARMIGNIANI, born in Guayaquil, Ecuador, June 24, 1950; admitted to the bar on 1975.


Colegio Espíritu Santo, Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Pomfret School, Connecticut, USA.

Catholic University of Guayaquil. Licentiate in Law and Social and Political Sciences, 1973; Lawyer, with honors, 1975.

Harvard University: Negotiation Seminary, 1998.


Professor of Intellectual Property and member of the Advisory Board of the Law Faculty of the Espiritu Santo University of Guayaquil, 2002.


Member of the Guayas' Bar Association since 1975.

Member of the Inter-Pacific Bar Association, since 1995.

Member of the International Bar Association, since 2012.

Alternate Magistrate of the Sixth Court of the Honorable Superior Court of Justice of Guayaquil, 1998-1999.

Member of the Board of Directors of the Institute of Intellectual Property of Ecuador (1998-1999).

Arbitrator of the Inter-American Commercial Arbitration Commission - IACAC, since 2002 until today.

Arbitrator of the Conciliation and Arbitration Center of the Chamber of Commerce of Guayaquil, 1998 – 2010.

International Bar Association Mediation Committee Representative in Ecuador, 2012.
Arbitrator and Member of the Advisory Board of Arbitration and Mediation Center of "Universidad de Especialidades Espiritu Santo" UESS, 2013."

Legal advisor of the Chamber of Commerce of Guayaquil, 1997-2004.

Syndic and Member of the Board of Directors of the "Fundación de Asistencia Sicopedagógica para Niños, Adolescentes y Adultos con Retardo Mental y/o en Circunstancias Especialmente Difíciles" (FASINARM), since 1986 until today.

Syndic of the International Chamber of Commerce, National Committee of Ecuador, 2003-2008.

Member of the Board of Directors of the Ecuadorian-American Chamber of Commerce, Guayaquil, 1999-2000.

President of the Board of Directors of Industria Procesadora de Acero - IPAC, 1982.

President of the Board of Directors of Bebidas Andinas S.A., 1993.

President of the Board of Directors of "Comisión de Estudios para el Desarrollo de la Cuenca del Río Guayas - CEDEGE", 2001-2002, where he represented the President of our country.

President of Hidroelectrica Nacional S.A. - Hidronación, 2001-2002.

President of the Board of Directors of Cobranzas Legales Cobralegal S.A., 2004-2005.

Member of the Friends and Alumni Group of the Committee on Inter American Affairs of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York.

External Legal Advisor of Superintendence of Banks, 1999-2002; of the Secretary of Treasury of Ecuador, 1999-2003; of "Agencia de Garantía de Depósitos" (AGD), 1999-2002; of "Consejo Nacional de Electricidad - CONELEC" (National Counsel of Electricity), 2000-2002; of "Centro Nacional de Control de Energía - CENACE" (National Center of Energy Control), 2000-2004; of Servicio de Rentas Internas (SRI) (Internal Revenue Service), 2000-2006; of "Autoridad Portuaria de Guayaquil" (Port Authority of Guayaquil), 2000-2004; and of several Ecuadorian and multinational corporations.

Proxy of several multinational corporations in Ecuador.

He has represented, in different lawsuits, important multinationals and Ecuadorian financial corporations, such as The Chase Manhattan Bank, Banco Exterior de Panamá S.A., Banco Popular del Ecuador S.A., Banco Unión Banunion S.A., Banco Bolivariano C.A., etc.

He represented the Paper and Cardboard Industries, in the Labor Commission that established the minimum wages for the employees of those industries, 1980.

He has been invited as speaker in seminaries organized by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP), Supreme Court of Justice of Ecuador, Andean Tribunal of Justice of the Andean Community, Interamerican Association of Intellectual Property, Chamber of Commerce of Guayaquil,  and at some Universities and forums of the country and abroad, about judicial matters.

He advised the Chamber of Commerce of Guayaquil in the drafting of the Intellectual Property Law and of other laws in effect in Ecuador.


The law magazine of the Law School of the Catholic University of Guayaquil has published his articles regarding moral damages, and Intellectual Property Law.

Columnist Diario "El Comercio", 2006 - 2012.


General practice, Commercial and Administrative Law, Litigation, Mediation and Arbitration, Foreign Investment,

Public deed and Intellectual Property matters.


Spanish and English.


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