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VICENTE MALDONADO-ZEVALLOS, born in Guayaquil, Ecuador, February 7, 1945; admitted to the bar on 1969.


Cristobal Colón School, Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Catholic University of Guayaquil. Licentiate in Law and Social and Political Sciences; doctor in Law, 1970.

TBL Institute: Judicial Audit.

Catholic University of Guayaquil: Mediation, 2007.

Supreme Court of Florida, USA: Arbitral Law.

Getulio Vargas University of 'Río de Janeiro', Brazil: International Taxation Law.

Complutense University, Madrid, Spain: Doctoral Program in Taxation Law.

INCAE Business School, Costa Rica: Master in Business Administration.


Professor of Taxation Law at: University of Guayaquil, Tecnológica Equinoccial de Quito, University of Quito, Catholic University of Guayaquil, Vicente Rocafuerte University of Guayaquil, and Pacific University of Guayaquil, 2003-2008.

Professor of Strategic and Creativity and New Business Opportunities at: Tecnológica Equinoccial de Quito, Politécnica of Madrid in Quito, San Francisco  University of Quito, National Polytechnic School of Quito.


Arbitrator of the Chamber of Commerce of Guayaquil.

Arbitrator of the Chamber of Commerce of Guayaquil of Quito.

Alternate Magistrate of the Second Court of the Tribunal Fiscal of Ecuador.

Representative of Attorney General before Government's institutions, 1980-1984.

Sub-director of the Customs Department, 1973-1976.

Legal advisor of the Presidency, during Ing. León Febres Cordero's period as President of the country, 1984-1984; and of the Attorney General Office, 1980-1984.

Taxation Advisor of Finance Minister, 1983.

Taxation Advisor of the First Andean Congress in order to avoid double international system taxation, 1969. 

Legal advisor of the Government's Security Council, 1982-1983; of the Special Committee of Hydrocarbon Biddings; and of Ecuadorian Petroleum Corporation ('Corporación Estatal Petrolera Ecuatoriana', CEPE), 1976.

Legal Director of the 'Comisión de Estudios para el Desarrollo de la Cuenca del Río Guayas – CEDEGE', 2001-2002.

National Consultant Director, Attorney General Office.

Legal Advisor of Customs Department, 1973-1974.

Strategically Advisor of the National Strategic Committee ('Comité Estratégico Nacional CEN'), in the implementation of National Strategic Plan ('Plan estratégico Nacional').

Legal Consultant of: 'Hidroeléctrica Nacional Hidronación S. A.', 2001-2007; of 'Parque Nacional Galápagos', 2007; of 'Escuela Politécnica del Litoral ESPOL', 2006-2007; of 'Fundación Hacia la Seguridad Jurídica', 2004-2005; of LEXIS Foundation, 2004-2005; of 'Banco Popular del Ecuador', 1996; of  CITIBANK N. A. of Ecuador, 1989-1990.

Legal and Academic Advisor of 'Corporación para el Desarrollo Universitario, CODEU', 1990-1997.

He has been invited as speaker in seminaries organized by the 'Agencia Interamericana de Desarrollo, CODEU', Ecuadorian-American Chamber of Commerce, Official Spain Chamber of Commerce, and at some Universities and forums of the country, about judicial matters.


Taxation Inquiries: extracts of more than 1.800 administrative and taxation pronouncements of General Tax Department of Ecuador: 12 volumes, 1987-2005.

Legal and Economic Diagnostic of Electrical Sector: Amendment Legal Proposal, 2005.

The law magazine of the Law School of the Catholic University of Guayaquil, the magazine of the Ecuadorian-American Chamber of Commerce, and the one from the 'Corporación de Estudios y Publicaciones', have published his articles regarding taxation law.


General practice, tax law.




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