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PETROLEUM AND GAS ( 2018-05-04 )

We have to take advantage of the circumstances that in the Ministry of Hydrocarbons, Petroecuador and Petroamazonas we have Carlos Pérez García, Carlos Tejada and Álex Galárraga, who are three of the most knowledgeable about oil and gas in the country -of whose capacity, experience and I can not hesitate to attract the foreign investment required to build the Manabí refinery, to refine approximately 300,000 barrels a day that the ITT will produce, and to build the natural gas processing plant that we need to stop importing. and use diesel, LPG and other fuels that are expensive and of which we are deficient, which must be replaced by natural gas, which is very cheap and could be used in homes, as in industries and public transport, saving you to the country billions of dollars in subsidies.
We must include in the next diplomatic missions, commercial agendas, where the efficient ministers of Industries, of Commerce and of Hydrocarbons, Electricity and Renewable Energy go out to sell such important projects, because I fear that otherwise very few will come to look for us. Since these projects are basically private because I understand that the Government will not be able to grant the guarantees that the investors demand, because the previous limit of the debt limit established by our Constitution has been exceeded, it is imperative that Petroecuador and Petroamazonas be given the required independence. so that they can associate with private companies, subjecting themselves to the special regulations that the President of the Republic must issue for the respective contract. We hope that in the short term we will obtain results in both strategic sectors. (O)
Miguel Macías Carmigniani, Lawyer,  Guayaquil

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