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Vice President Case ( 2018-12-05 )

It seemed right to me, first, that on Monday, December 3, the president of Ecuador Moreno, has relieved Vice President Vicuña of his duties, and then on Tuesday, June 4, he resigned as Vice President; his days were numbered given the overwhelming evidence that has been presented against him. And it was also right that the president has appointed José Augusto Briones as the new secretary general of the Presidency, to whom he assigned the functions that corresponded to the former vice president.

The country can not continue to tumble in corruption, because we have an ex-president with an arrest warrant, a refugee in Belgium; to a former vice president of the prisoner Republic; a former president of the National Assembly dismissed, as well as the former Comptroller General of the State and the ex-Attorney General of the State; to managers of Petroecuador and other high public officials imprisoned or with prison orders; all of which causes a terrible image of the country at the international level, which makes it difficult to attract the foreign investment that the country requires to get out of the crisis in which we find ourselves.

Hopefully, the Government, which has partly handed over the management of the economy to the private sector, will take the necessary steps in the course of the next few days to reduce the size of the State, reactivate the economy and generate more employment, which is in my opinion the issue that causes the most concern to Ecuadorians, followed by the lamentable degree of corruption in which the country is still located; for which purpose it is essential that an international commission composed of independent prosecutors and under the protection of the United Nations (UN) investigate and punish those guilty of such dishonesty.

The announced fight against corruption and impunity must be strengthened.

In spite of the current circumstances, on the other hand, the Minister of Foreign Trade, Pablo Campana, is doing an excellent job to attract investment to Ecuador. (O)

Miguel Macías Carmigniani, lawyer, Guayaquil

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